About Us

Our Story.

Established in My One Card Marketing, Malaysia's home grown company graphic designers, advertising professionals and even medium-sized commercial printers.
My One Card Marketing was started to address the need for the more efficient printing service within the changing trends in the business to business (B2B) industry.
Merging years of combined printing knowledge and comprehensive eCommerce Solutions expertise, My One Card was developed to bridge the gap between conventional offset printing and new age convenience. This has led to top grade printing becoming more affordable and efficient.
Along the years our service has been helping ease the burden of our B2B customers as well as facilitate the starting of their own design & and print business as they are able to enjoy all-encompassing printing solution at the single place

Vision, Mission & Values

My One Card Marketing brand persists in staying true to its vision, Mission and values to give the kind of printing service and customer support that will continuously help make your business better.

Our Vision - Inspired to serve

The online printing service that provides the most dependable support, from initial contact to after- sales. 

Our Mission - Making it Reality

Fulfilling B2B customer needs by being a reliable online printing service provider while giving them the very best customers experience.

Our Values - Living It Every Moment Of Everyday !

Where there is passion, there is love. Where is the love, there is caring. Where is caring. Where there is caring, there is commitment. Where there is commitment, there is genuine service.


We deliver what we promise- we do what we say we will do. Towards Best Customer Experience Toward Best Customer Experience "To my customer. I may not have the answer, But i'll find it. i may not have the time, but i'll make it". - Unknown


Only top Quality proper materials, leading- edge machines & technology and skilled staff


In all actions be sincere, honest and trustworthy.
Giving back to communities giving back to communities 
Helping the less fortunate and contributing towards making lives better for others
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